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Roomies Become Besties and Then Some

I can’t help to wonder just how often this scenario has played out at least to an extent in real life.

I mean there are sexual fantasies and mine can get pretty wild and downright wishful or even a touch far fetched, but I think this has a lot more merit to it than that. I wonder if some of the ladies who have experienced something like this in their pasts or knew of friends, acquaintances or even family who had stories like this.

Two young girls, fresh out of school or college decide to share an apartment because cash is tight as they just start out their professional careers. They are as sexually curious as ever at this age and even more horny and now alcohol is in the mix which strip those inhibitions so easily as we all have learnt at some point or another and you know, one night one thing leads to another and just look at the scissor sisters in this pic.

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